Swimming Pool Covers Gauteng

Swimming Pool Cover Gauteng

We offer a reliable, friendly, quality service & advice with years of experience to you our valued customer

We manufacture solid PVC safety swimming pool covers for you in Gauteng in various shapes, sizes and colours

Light blue PVC Swimming Pool Covers, Dark blue PVC Swimming Pool Covers Grey PVC Swimming Pool Covers

Brown dark earth PVC Swimming Pool Covers Our solid PVC safety covers enable a safe environment. Selling direct to the public.

  • We can shape the cover if and when possible to the shape of the swimming pool and have various colours to choose from.
  • PVC cover with hooks and plate system
  • PVC cover with aluminium poles and ratchet systems
  • Solar bubble blankets also available
  • Roll up stations are available
  • With South Africa’s drought and resulting water crisis, pool covers are no longer an accessory, rather a necessity. Covering your pool is the right thing to do!

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Other Products and Service we offer;

  • PVC Swimming pool covers
  • Solid swimming pool covers
  • Solar blankets
  • Roll up stations
  • Swimming pool pumps
  • Jacuzzi pumps
  • Sand filters
  • Sand changing
  • Jacuzzi filters
  • New Jacuzzi
  • Swimming pool & Jacuzzi heating
  • Solar panels
  • Heat pumps
  • Sand and glass filter change
  • Blowers
  • Elements
  • Thermostats
  • Jacuzzi repairs
  • Swimming pool repairs.

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